Dragon Ball Fan Pitches the Next Best Form for Broly

Dragon Ball fans know a lot about Broly, but there is still so much the series has yet to explain about the fighter. After his canon debut in Dragon Ball Super, fans have wanted to see more of the Saiyan. That means fans are also curious to see what other power boosts Broly might unlock, but one fan has pitched a transformation for the hero that needs to happen ASAP.

The concept was pitched by Reddit user BernLan after they decided to come up with ideas for possible form changes. They came up with a slew for the Z-Fighters, and Broly was added to the list. After all, his Super Saiyan and Berserk forms are legendary, but they cannot be all to the fighter.

That is why the fan said Broly needs a form they dub True Super Saiyan. They say the power boost would more closely resemble the Super Saiyan 4 form given how Broly's Berserk form taps into his Great Ape power to start.

Broly Google
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"True Super Saiyan, his Great Ape in Base form already resembles SS4 in concept, so I would go beyond and give him a form that looks like a Golden Super Saiyan 4 with Yellow fur and hair (which was also the original design for SSG)," BernLan shared.


As you can see here, the concept transformation looks totally natural. Broly looks much the same save for his hair color, and his torso is covered in golden-green fur. The color works with Broly's green pelt, and his fur continues further with his newfound tail. It has been a while since Broly had a tail as his father cut it off. Fans would love to see a form like this become available to Broly, so here's to hoping this pitch becomes a reality.

What do you think about this pitch for Broly? Does the Saiyan need another power boost? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.