'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Are Loving Its Latest Gohan Kamehameha

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power has been whittle down to its final three universes, so Universe 3 is finally putting their attack plan in action.

Gathering all of their fighters together, Universe 3's machines attack Universe 7, but Gohan steps in to save the day. In order for his father and Vegeta to recover their stamina for the upcoming fight with Universe 11, Gohan vows to take on Universe 3 alone and eventually lets loose a powerful Kamehameha wave.

Universe 3's Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator are seen scanning Gohan, and use a coordinated attack, but Gohan reveals that he's been reading their attacks instead and counters. But when Gohan finally gets the upper hand on the three, Koitsukai, Panchia and Bollarator then enter into a Voltron-esque combination sequence and emerge as a fully combined machine, Koichiarator, with functions unleashed at "1,265 percent"

Goku and Vegeta eventually have to lend Gohan assistance as the newly fused machine warrior was overpowering Gohan in many ways. The three then charge at him with full power and knock Koicharator back. Vegata and Goku then fire a Galick Gun and Kamehameha, but Koichiarator is able to counter them with a beam attack. Paparoni celebrates its strength, but soon finds out Vegeta and Goku were merely a distraction meant to give Gohan enough time to charge a Kamehameha.

Deciding not to waste the opportunity, Gohan launches a powerful Kamehameha Wave toward the combined warrior. Koicharator manages to catch the beam and starts pushing it back, but Gohan vows that Universe 7 will win and overpowers the combined warrior. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to eliminate them and leads to the fusion of the giant Aniraza, but fans certainly appreciated Gohan's efforts and his strength was even acknowledged by Beerus.


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