'Dragon Ball Super' Theory Sees Vegeta Mirroring A Classic 'Dragon Ball Z' Moment

Dragon Ball Super is moving towards the finale of the Tournament of Power, but the show has lots to do before the event can end. Despite its latest elimination, the tournament has plenty of fighters eager to battle, and Vegeta is perhaps the most gung-ho of them.

However, if one fan-theory is right, then Dragon Ball Super is preparing to have Vegeta redo one classic Dragon Ball Z stunt.

Over on Reddit, user /u4004 got fans buzzing after they laid out their current theory for Dragon Ball Super. Recently, fans got new titles for the anime, and episode 122 has a telling name. The release will be called “Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!” Of course, the title has got fans thinking Vegeta is about to face Jiren, but the reason behind the challenge could be a foretelling one.

As the theory goes, Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming episode title may be an intentional nod back to Dragon Ball Z. Way back when, the latter series referenced pride during the ‘Majin Buu’ saga. Episode 281 saw Vegeta go up against Buu knowing full well he is outclassed just because Goku needs more time to charge his ki.

In the anime, Vegeta utters a line which stuck with fans. Goku tells the Saiyan he will die permanently if he’s killed by Buu, but Vegeta stands firm in his decision to buy Goku time. “I’ll buy you that one minute,” Vegeta says. “I’ll stake my pride on it.”

As fans have noted, the line Vegeta utters and the language used for Dragon Ball Super’s new episode are the same. The tie-in could be a simple coincidence or clever nod, but some are curious if there is more of connection than just that. The new episode title makes it sound like Vegeta is about to stake his pride to challenge Jiren, but the hero may do so to help Universe 7. If the Pride Trooper goes after Goku when he’s vulnerable, Vegeta may step in like he did with Buu to give Goku enough time to regain his Ultra Instinct powers. Vegeta may not die in the process or even get ringed out, but fans are hoping the Saiyan will get rewarded if he does step up to help Goku.


After all, it would be pretty nice if Vegeta got to go Ultra Instinct in the series...

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