Everything We Know About ‘Dragon Ball Super' Ending

Today has been a confusing one for Dragon Ball fans. After plenty of speculation, the fandom’s [...]

Today has been a confusing one for Dragon Ball fans. After plenty of speculation, the fandom's fears about the anime coming to a close seem to have come true. Reports from Japan confirmed the anime will lose its time slot come April, but there has been lingering confusion about what will happen to the show afterwards.

Luckily, a vetted translator in the fandom spelled out all the details with a short summary.

Taking to Twitter, Todd Blankenship laid out what fans need to know about the ending of Dragon Ball Super:

Right now, Dragon Ball Super is poised to lose its time slot to a new GeGeGe no Kitaro anime project on April 1. Yes, the date is a suspicious one, but this is no April Fools joke. The first of April marks the start of the spring anime season, so this is not a surprising schedule.

Shortly after news about Dragon Ball Super ending went live, an animator from the show seconded the reports. Tsutomu Ono said he noticed news of Dragon Ball Super ending this spring finally went public, and he stressed he only recently found out that episode 126 would be his last go as an animation director on the show.

So far, two publications from Japan have touched on the announcement about Dragon Ball Super. A yet-named newspaper has a quote from Fuji TV which says that while there are no set plans to broadcast a new Dragon Ball title, "this does not mean that the series is ending." When you put the original quote in context, series is best translated as the entire franchise rather than this particular show itself.

Of course, fans know there is more in store for the Dragon Ball franchise. As of right now, no word has been released signaling the end of Dragon Ball Super's manga. Toei Animation also confirmed a new Dragon Ball film is slated to debut in 2018. There is always a chance the studio will follow-up Dragon Ball Super quickly with a new TV series, but Toei has yet to touch upon such plans. For now, fans can only enjoy the few remaining episodes of the anime which are left. And - as always - fans can hold hope that this so-called ending is really an opportunity for Dragon Ball Super to be picked back up down the line.

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