The Internet Reacts to Rumored Ending of ‘Dragon Ball Super'

Today has been a busy one for the Dragon Ball fandom. Not only are new spoilers for Dragon Ball Super on the way, but a huge bombshell was laid on fans. After tons of speculation, it looks like Dragon Ball Super will not continue past March as it heads towards an extended hiatus or full-on finale.

As you might have expected, fans have a lot to say about the news, and it is not good.

The update came just hours ago when a Japanese paper confirmed the anime Gegege no Kitaro will take over the time slot Dragon Ball Super occupies on Fuji TV. The network said the switch will happen on April 1st once the "Universal Survival" arc finishes. Right now, Fuji TV says it has no plans to broadcast a new Dragon Ball show since "it's not like the series is over." The anime's broadcast is still being discussed behind the scenes, but it seems like Fuji TV isn't too pressed to find room for the show to air.

So far, Toei Animation and Fuji TV have refrained from labeling the loss anything in particular. Neither of the companies have said the show is going on hiatus, but Dragon Ball Super has not announced its cancellation as of yet. The what-if limbo has got fans stressing out, and you can read up on their reactions below:


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