'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 116 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of Goku and Caulifla's battle from episode 115. It picks up with [...]

The episode begins with a recap of Goku and Caulifla's battle from episode 115. It picks up with Goku going Ultra Instinct once more in the face of Super Saiyan Kefla, and the duo power up in front of one another.

Goku is seen standing across from Kefla as he adapts to his UI form. He begins letting off steam as he powers up, and Kefla is seen blocking. Goku says Kefla can no longer win but the fusion takes it as a challenge. Vegeta and Freeza react to the UI transformation, and the Omni-Kings are very excited about seeing the form once again.

In the stands, the Gods and Kais are all excited. They wonder how Jiren will react, and Universe 7 notes the UI form is the one they saw before. Whis says the transformation was likely spurred on by the power Kefla was giving off similar to how the Spirit Bomb originally triggered the UI form. Beerus is interested to see how Goku will use the power this time around. Whis says Kefla was as powerful as the Spirit Bomb, and Universe 6 grows nervous about UI's return. Champa tells the fusion she better win, but Kefla is simply impressed when the heat Goku's new form is giving off.

Kefla powers up in the face of UI, saying she will not lose. The fusion appears to be reaching for Super Saiyan 2, and the arena begins to fall apart. Android 17 and 18 are blown back, and Cabba says Kefla managed to level up her SSJ form. She celebrates for having been born a Saiyan, and Goku stands opposite of her.

From a distance, the fallout of Goku and Kefla's power-ups reaches Gohan. The Saiyan and Piccolo turn to see their comrade power up while the Namekians of Universe 6 flit away to avoid falling debris. Piccolo notes the Saiyans are stuck in a vicious cycle of powering up because the fighters are pushing each other forward.

Kefla and Goku begin their fight. Kefla shoots forward with a ki attack, but Goku dodges easily. The fusion is surprised and tells Goku to stop dodging. Goku continues to use UI to dodge everything with ease. Universe 7 cheers on their comrade while Universe 6 panics. Champa tells Kefla there is no point fighting with Potara like she is now, and Vados comments that Goku simply has better reaction times. The Kai of Universe 6 looses his cool and commands Kefla to do better with a shout.

Goku continues to dodge Kefla. Vegeta notes the UI form is the one Whis told them about during the Resurrection Of 'F' saga. Goku has figured out how to use his body subconsciously to dodge.

Kefla flings ore ki blasts at Goku. He falls off a pillar on purpose and Kefla follows. Goku manages to land a hit on her mid-fall, and everyone is nervous Kefla was taken out. The fusion rebounds with a laugh, and Kefla says Goku's attacks are pretty whimpy in UI even though he can dodge. Goku says he is still getting used to being in UI.

Jiren wakes up from his meditation and goes to his teammates. They note the fighter is interested in Goku, and the Kai of Universe 11 agrees. Goku is remarkable when it comes to fighting. Kefla says Goku will need to be stronger in his offense if he wants to beat her. Goku continues to power up quietly before charging ahead with insane speed. He lands a series of punches on Kefla, and Goku asks if this is all the fusion has. The fight continues at a brutal pace, but it seems like Goku is running out of stamina. Kefla still won't go down, and everyone is in awe. However, Whis says it is Goku's ineffective attacks which give Kefla an advantage.

The angel say she cannot switch between defensive and offensive uses of UI quickly. Goku says his next attack will be the one that ends their battle. Kefla powers up to even higher peaks, and she agrees to go all out. Her power-up bathes the arena in red light and threatens to destroy the arena. Champa is thrilled as Kefla shows he final weapon. A flight-or-fight response has triggered in Kefla, and her energy turns into literal lasers which can topple opponents. Goku charges forward using UI to dodge the sporadic lasers, and Roshi says Goku won't survive if he gets hit by one beam.

As Goku dodges, he begins his final attack. He charges a Kamehameha blast as he uses UI to avoid all of Kefla's assaults. Goku's eyes spark as he prepares to let loose his attack, and he sends the Kamehameha flying after using it to ride on top of Kefla's attack and hit her at close range. Kefla is sent out of bounds by the attack, and the fighters unfuse when their Potara breaks. They are sent to the stands as the Grand Priest says the pair have been eliminated. Kale apologizes like Caulifla says she will take Goku down one day. Universe 6 panics as they only have the two Namekians left in battle. Champa tells the two warriors to give it their all.

Whis compliments Goku's battle strategy, and Roshi says it likely will not work again. Tien says Goku will need to learn how to attack unconsciously as well as dodge. Whis agrees and says Goku is hindered when attacking in UI because he must break his rhythm to conscious think about his next offensive move. Whis isn't sure Goku can fully master UI in the time left during the Tournament of Power.

Universe 11 says Goku is becoming more polished. The Saiyans topples to his knees and leaves the UI form. Freeza notes the form is a difficult one to hold for long, and the villain says he needs Goku to continue to work for me before laughing evilly. Vegeta says there is no reason he shouldn't be able to go UI since he has also been training. Vegeta says he will master UI before Goku can. Goku is left wandering the arena after being damaged from his UI comeback, and the episode fades out.

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