‘Dragon Ball Super’ Just Saw [SPOILER] Save Goku

When it comes to saving the day, Dragon Ball tends to give Goku all the glory. The Saiyan has saved countless people over the years, and he’s even sacrificed his life to protect some of them. However, Dragon Ball Super just put Goku at the mercy of another, and fans were surprised to see Freeza follow through.

After all, it isn’t everyday fans get to see Freeza save Goku.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super released its latest episode. The update caught up with Universe 7 as its team took on Aniraza of Universe 3. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and the Androids were taken down a few pegs by the last-resort fusion, and Aniraza came this close to outing Goku.

Episode 121 followed Goku at one point after the Saiyan was hit with a surprise attack. Aniraza used a portal to land a punch on Goku, and the hero was sent flying over the arena. With everyone looking on in shock, Goku was thrown out of the Tournament of Power’s arena, but Freeza stepped in before he could get eliminated.

Out of nowhere, the villain appeared and kicked Goku back into the arena roughly. “Pardon me, my leg moved on its own,” the villain explained as the rest of Universe 7 balked.

“Thanks, Freeza! If you hadn’t kicked me, I would’ve fallen out,” Goku said once he got back to his feet.

“You’ll have to forgive the violent treatment,” Freeza answered. “As I’m already dead, having you fall out would cause a bit of a problem.”

“No need to apologize. A kick like that barely tickles,” Goku said, surely knocking Freeza down on the inside.


The surprising save isn’t the first one Freeza has done during the Tournament of Power. A few episodes back, the villain gave Goku an energy transfusion after the Saiyan got beaten down by Jiren. The assist was done so Freeza would no longer owe Goku for doing his own transfusion back on Planet Namek, but Freeza seems to have done it again. There is no telling why the baddie needs Goku to stay in the tournament, but fans are rightly suspicious about his motives. After all, it isn’t like Freeza to do something for free.

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