Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Shintani's Take on Future Gohan

Dragon Ball Super has revisited a number of characters from the franchise's past, but one that has yet to return is that of Future Trunks' now deceased mentor, Gohan, but that isn't stopping one fan from diving into what this character might look like were he to appear in the series new art style! Naohiro Shintani is an animator at Toei Animation that helped in creating the new style used in the extremely well received feature length film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, giving us new designs and action scenes that are considered some of the best within the Akira Toriyama franchise.

To give you a bit of background on this future version of Goku's son, this one armed Gohan lost his limb while attempting to save his student Trunks from being destroyed by the far more evil versions of Androids 17 and 18. Though Gohan managed to save Trunks, he wasn't ultimately able to save himself as he was murdered by the nefarious creations of Dr. Gero in this future timeline. Gohan's death may have been a blow to this dystopian future, but it gave Trunks the incentive he needed to become a Super Saiyan himself, losing himself within his rage and being given this trademark transformation.

Twitter Artist AubreiPrince shared this amazing interpretation of Future Gohan in the style of Shintani, giving us an idea of what this alternate future character might look like were he to return to the currently running franchise and lend his remaining hand to whatever battle the Z Fighters were facing:

Future Trunks left an impression on the Dragon Ball Super series following the Goku Black Arc, but it's still a question as to whether or not he'll return to the franchise in the future. There's certainly a lot more territory to explore for both Future Trunks and his mentor, so hopefully we will see new stories presented for each at some point down the line!


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