'Dragon Ball Super' Hypes Its New Arc's Powerful Villain

Dragon Ball Super's manga has officially moved into its new story arc, which takes place after the events of both the anime series, and Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Entitled the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" this new storyline has already laid out some big implications for how the Dragon Ball universe will continue to expand.

However, a Dragon Ball Super story arc is only as strong as its villain, and now we're getting our first real look at what the villain for the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" is all about!

This mysterious villain is assumed to be the "prisoner" referenced in the title of the new arc, and there are already some dots about him that fans are connecting.

The "Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc" revolves around the Goku and Vegeta teaming with the Galactic Patrol, who kidnap Majin Buu in order to extract Supreme Kai Dai Kaioshin from Buu's body. The Patrol needs Dai Kaioshin in order to track down a criminal, and that's where the intrigue about this new bad guy really comes in.

It's not hard to look at the image of the goat-like figure and not get a hint that there could be something demonic or supernatural about him (as opposed to just being an alien). lf that's the case, then it makes sense why it would take a deity like Dai Kaioshin to track him down. It makes equal sense that Dragon Ball Super would start to veer in this direction, as it's something that a lot of fans have been speculating about ever sense the Tournament of Power concluded.


Since its beginning, Dragon Ball Super has been dropping hints that Goku, Vegeta and Saiyans in general have power potential that could upset the balance of divine power in the universe. The prospect has only loomed bigger as Goku and Vegeta both got major power upgrades in the ToP; along with some revelations in the manga that Whis has been secretly training Goku and Vegeta this entire time, fans have expected some kind of 'divine war' was brewing on the horizon. While a lot of people speculated that storyline could see Goku and Co. up against the angels and Grand Priest, it could be the case that Whis was preparing the Saiyans as a weapon against demonic evil forces. Fans are already now seeing potential major tie-ins with established canon - such as this new baddie possibly being the one who killed Jiren's family, friends, and master, or how such a demonic presence and need for Dai Kaioshin to return could bring back another demonic threat, like Kid Buu.

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Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll. The manga has chapters that can currently be read for free thanks to Viz Media.