Dragon Ball Super Confirms Kid Buu Had God Ki

Dragon Ball fans are always down to debate power levels. Time after time, netizens will find [...]

Dragon Ball fans are always down to debate power levels. Time after time, netizens will find themselves debating how strong Majin Buu's forms really are, and it seems like one of the just got a massive upgrade.

It turns out Kid Buu had God Ki hidden within him, but the question now is whether or not he used it way back when.

The big revelation was made in the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super. Chapter 49 dove into the Grand Supreme Kai's fight with Moro as the war for New Namek rages on. With Goku and Vegeta on the sidelines, they learn the Kai can no longer beat the villain because his absorption by Buu did something very unexpected.

That is, when Buu split into his good and evil side, it was the latter who received all of the Kai's godly ki.

According to the Galactic Patrol, the split of Mr. Buu from Kid Buu divided up the Grand Supreme Kai. Innocent Buu got all of the deity's looks while Kid Buu tapped into his power. This means the iconic Dragon Ball Z baddie was tapped into God Ki way before Goku ever was, and it could explain why he was so strong.

Still, it is not clear if Kid Buu even knew he held the God Ki within him. The villain was pure evil, and he had little thought to him other than destruction. It is feasible that Kid Buu never unleashed the power because he never thought to explore his power levels. Well, before he died under Goku's hand at the very least.

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