Dragon Ball Super Contradicts Piccolo Over His Warning to Goku About Fusion

Dragon Ball Super's bloody new manga chapter has fans shook, after new villain Moro brutally annihilated the Goku and the Z-Fighters. Thanks to Moro's fusion with evil android Seven-Three, the sorcerer went from near defeat to gaining back his full magical might, plus Seven-Three's power-copying technique. However, the most dire twist came when Fused Moro managed to ambush Vegeta and use Seven-Three's ability-copying power to steal Vegeta's new Spirit Fission technique. As Piccolo quickly pointed out, Moro's Spirit Fission makes a classic Gogeta or Vegito fusion fight irrelevant. But as Dragon Ball Super fans have pointed out: Piccolo is kind of wrong about that!

Vegeta went to the Planet Yardrat where he learned all about mastering control of energy in battle ("Spirit Control). That technique was the gateway to other Yardratian techniques like Instant Transmission and size manipulation - but Vegeta instead used it for "Forced Spirit Fission," a technique that allows one to steal back energy an opponent has absorbed or fused with. In short: it's a technique that robbed the vampiric Moro of power and let Vegeta beat him down with ease.

There was a major caveat to Force Spirit Fission, though: Vegeta had to make physical contact with his opponent in order to draw out their energy through Forced Spirit Fission - and it took quite a few blows for him to de-power an opponent as strong as Moro. Piccolo - for all his "strategical genius" - seems to have missed that point, when he's freaking out to Goku and Gohan about why the Saiyans shouldn't even bother with a Fusion attack:

Dragon Ball Super Manga 62 Error Piccolo Spirit Fission Rules Fusion
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

"This is worse than we realized... If he's got Vegeta's abilities, that means he can use Forced Spirit Fission. You guys always had the Fusion Dance, the Potara Earrings and other means of combining as last resorts, but those would be rendered useless now!"

In any Dragon Ball battle one of the main battle strategies is speed, evasion, and not getting hit by your opponent - so there's nothing really that new about the kind of threat that Gogeta or Vegito would face. Moro to the point, Moro's new powers work by him touching opponents to copy their abilities - so again, the threat is the same whether its a solo or fused fighter: don't let Moro touch you! Piccolo's suggestion (or perhaps the bad translation of it) that Moro can somehow immediately de-power a fusion is simply not correct. And that kind of easy-to-spot logical error does nothing to persuade those who think Dragon Ball Super is squandering this storyline's potential.

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