Dragon Ball Super: Why Moro Is a Disappointment

While the Dragon Ball Super anime has left fans hanging with its indefinite hiatus, the manga has been rolling along. The new "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc that follows the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly has introduced an ancient threat that has returned to threaten the universe in the present: Planet-Eater Moro. Moro is one of the most fearsome villains that any Dragon Ball series has introduced; a sociopathic sorcerer who only cares about consuming the life forces of entire planets and peoples, like Dragon Ball's version of Galactus. However, while Moro started off with so much potential, he's ultimately turning into something of a disappointment.

So why is Moro a disappointing Dragon Ball villain? Let's break it down (manga spoilers follow):

As stated above, Moro is a formidable character, even by Dragon Ball Super's overpowered standards. He can absorb life force energies that include Super Saiyan energy, rendering Goku and Vegeta's power-up crutches useless. Moro is also powerful sorcerer whose magic has been freed from the Grand Supreme Kai's seal, thanks to the Dragon Balls. If that wasn't enough, Moro is also a brutal and skilled fighter, who goes through a Benjamin Button-style de-aging transformation, with more life energy he consumes. As it stands in the manga, he's terrorized the universe for months now, consuming planet after planet, which are scouted by his gang of magically-enhanced alien convicts.

All of that should sound like the makings of Dragon Ball's next Freeza, but Moro simply is not that. The villain has a one-note personality (menacing), and is strangely devoid of any captivating mannerisms, since hitting his 'Moro Prime' form. The old gray goat-like figure we first met was way more dynamic and interesting, with hints of abilities (like sensing Goku's chi scans) that made him noteworthy.

More to the point: Moro doesn't seem to have much of an interesting arc or purpose, and therefore no real plan or logic to follow. Despite having an entire backstory connected to the gods of the multiverse (and being powerful enough to oppose them), Moro has instead simply stood around on a ship with his arms folded talking about how everyone is too beneath him for him to even acknowledge. He's even made the eye-rolling choice of ignoring his destruction of Earth until Goku and Vegeta reach new power levels (but it has to be within a month's time - gasp!).

That's all to say: Moro started off with the potential to be a rich character, worthy of some focused development, but he's quickly been downgraded to another generic excuse for Goku and Vegeta to unveil new transformations and abilities - the real lifeblood of Dragon Ball Super (and so unlike its DBZ predecessor).

There's still time for Dragon Ball Super's final part of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc to turn around Moro's story. He and Goku are about to begin the final battle, and the villain may yet surprise us with the outcome!


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