Dragon Ball Super Teases Goku's Ultra Instinct Upgrade

Dragon Ball Super has given fans plenty to think over, but there is one constant obsession amongst them all. When the title introduced the Ultra Instinct boost a few years back, the fandom was sent into a frenzy. The transformation was unlike any Super Saiyan form they had seen, and Goku's unique use of it led to all sorts of fan-theories. And thanks to a little sneak-peek, fans have learned Goku's newest achievement with Ultra Instinct... as if it wasn't made clear enough.

Recently, the official Dragon Ball website went live with a peek at the manga's next chapter. It was there Dragon Ball Super fans got a look at what's coming later this month. What they saw was Piccolo looking all sorts of shocked after seeing Goku back in his Ultra Instinct Omen form, and translators confirmed what we all were thinking:

Yes, it is true. Goku can enter the Ultra Instinct form whenever he wants, and Piccolo was the fighter to confirm it.

According to Piccolo, the Namekian says that Goku can "transforms into Ultra Instinct Omen at will" (via Cipher_db). This has not only confirmed the theory fans made last month when Goku tapped into that power in chapter 58, but it labels Ultra Instinct Omen as a transformation rather than a state of mind.

This topic has got some diehard fans thinking about Goku and his massive jump. Before now, the only way the Saiyan could enter Ultra Instinct Omen was if he was in a dire battle against villains like Jiren. Much like Whis warned him, the state is one where Goku fights automatically without any thoughts clouding his mind. It turns out Goku has found a way to clear his head quickly enough to summon up Ultra Instinct whenever he likes, so fans are dying to know what exactly Merus taught him awhile back.


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