'Dragon Ball Super' Proves Why Android 17 is the Best

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super has already become infamous for its major deviations from the Tournament of Power seen in the anime. Characters are quickly eliminated while others get more time to shine in their place, and it's made for an entertaining read.

But one constant between both the anime and the manga is just how great Android 17 is as the latest chapter of the series showed off just why people loved his run in the anime series.

In Chapter 36 of the manga, the Tournament of Power continues on and has been surprisingly progressing at a much brisker pace than fans were expecting. Android 17 even contributes much earlier, quickly eliminating Universe 6's Botamo. Piccolo tries to tell him that physical attacks won't work on his rubber body, but 17 hilariously keeps punching anyway.

He then punches Botamo so hard that his body stretches, and quickly snaps him back out of the tournament ring. 17 then asked if Piccolo was saying something, but all Piccolo could ask was what kind of training he went through (17 confirms he was just protecting his island). Then nonchalantly eliminates three of Universe 10's fighters.

Then Android 17 re-enacts his great moments against Universe 4 in the anime as he helps to eliminate the bug fighter Damon after he eliminated Piccolo from the tournament in much the same way. Since he can't since ki, he then instead focuses on the sounds around him and pinpoints Damon running about. Then, he nonchalantly blasts him out as well.

These small manga moments only scratch the surface of what Android 17 was able to accomplish and show off in the anime. But given how differently the Tournament of Power has progressed so far, there are no clues as to whether or not 17 will get those same moments. Then again, his time to shine here essentially mirroring his tactics in the series is a good sign.


Most importantly, the manga most likely will not make any drastic changes to Dragon Ball Super's story. Fans of the anime know that Android 17 eventually goes on to win the Tournament of Power after a succession of fantastic showings of power and character. To change that would be too much of a shake-up compared to everything else the manga has changed.

Dragon Ball's upcoming mobile game, Dragon Ball Legends, is expected to be released sometime this summer. Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on FunimationNOW and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll.