Dragon Ball Super: Where Does Vegeta's New Form Rank?

The word is out about Vegeta and his ever-growing powers. After lagging behind Goku for a bit, it [...]

The word is out about Vegeta and his ever-growing powers. After lagging behind Goku for a bit, it seems the hero has found a godly form of his own to use. The most recent update from Dragon Ball Super introduced a new form for Vegeta, and fans are already trying to figure out where they rank the look.

After all, fans aren't kidding when they say Vegeta is power-hungry. The fighter is in a constant contest with Goku to outdo the other. This has forced the rivals to surpass their limits time and again. By doing this, they have unlocked a ton of forms, and the newest one in Vegeta's arsenal seems to be a beastly one.

The new form is known as Vegeta's destroyer form, and it seems very similar to the one Toppo wielded in the anime. However, the manga has brought this form to life at last, and it is for Vegeta. The Saiyan says Beerus taught him how to access this power, and Vegeta uses an altered form of God Ki when in this state.

At this point, Dragon Ball Super fans do not know much about the form's power level, but they do know how it looks. The color palette might be suspect for now, but when it comes to the overall design, fans seem onboard with the transformation. Vegeta's fiery aura, waxed brow, and beefy physique mix together the best parts of Super Saiyan 3 with Ultra Instinct. And if those powers mix in this destroyer state, then Granolah better watch out.

If you check with the fandom online, you will find that fans are loving this new look. In fact, Vegeta stans are comparing the new form to iconic ones like Majin Vegeta and OG Super Saiyan Vegeta. So when it comes to style, well - this form is a hard one to beat out.

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