Dragon Ball Super: New Universe 4 Warriors Revealed

There has already been 11 minutes played and two universes erased in Dragon Ball Super’s [...]

There has already been 11 minutes played and two universes erased in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. However, the carnage isn't ending anytime soon, with fans now watching countless fighters continually being knocked out of the battle royal. With more exists last week, two previously unknown fighters have been revealed.

These two new insect looking fighters are from Universe 4, who are yet to make a serious impact in the Tournament of Power so far. Universe 4 has already lost three fighters and have been unable to knock any warriors out thus far, along with Universes 3, 11 and 10, who also have no KO's. Despite them being different colors, these two new Universe 4 characters are actually twin brothers. Damom and Gamisarasu are their names, which have only recently been released.

Like most of Universe 4 it is unknown what their abilities are like, however, it is possible that they are the size of an actual insect, which could be why fans haven't seen them yet. If both Damom and Gamisarasu are in fact as small as insects, it will make it quite difficult to fight against them. An example of this would be when Super Buu turned Vegito into chocolate in Dragon Ball Z, which he instantly regretted.

This news of the two Universe 4 characters may mean that fans will see more from that sneaky universe. During the period of time leading up to the Tournament of power, Universe 4's God of Destruction Quitela was quite active. Quitela convinced Universe 9 to attack Freeza before the tournament, as well as try and convince the other universes to team-up against Universe 7. However, since that point, Universe 4 has been rather quiet, with this announcement indicating that fans may see more of them soon.

Universe 4
(Photo: Toei Animation)

With Damom and Gamisarasu as well as the two Namekian's from Universe 6 being revealed last week, majority of the fighters from each universe has been revealed. However, there are still some fighters that Dragon Ball Super fans are yet to see, particularly the unknown female fighter who will tempt Master Roshi in the near future.

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