‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory Connects Jiren's Power to a Surprising Fusion

Dragon Ball fans cannot deny that Jiren is strong. The Pride Trooper is one of the franchise’s most OP fighters, and fans of Goku are dying to know how Jiren beat the Saiyan. Of course, theories about the fighter have been flying left and right, but there’s a new one out crazy enough to have potential.

Recently, a fan on Reddit got Dragon Ball lovers buzzing with a new theory. In a bid to suss out Jiren’s power, /stagon7 dove deep into the fighter and used a bit of Chinese vocabulary to create a new fan-theory.

As the post explains, the theory hinges upon the idea that Jiren’s power is sourced from a fusion. Similar to the Saiyans of Universe 6, some fans are thinking Jiren is the product of a mass fusion, but he went further than his comrades did. Rather than just absorbing a hundred fighters or so, this fan-theory thinks Jiren may have fused with his entire race.

“In Chinese, Jiren means "Several people", and when Jiren first unleashed his power, Beerus responded by saying ‘Is this really just the power of just one being?’” the fan explained.

Audiences will remember Beerus looked pretty taken aback by Jiren’s full power. The character was deeply surprised the Pride Trooper had amassed such power all on his own through meditative techniques, but Jiren may meditate for a very different reason. If the guy has fused with thousands of fighters, he would need to clear his mind every so often. The fighter has got to get tired of all that noise, after all.

As fans continue to draw the theory out, a new expansion has been added to the idea. Some netizens believe Jiren will use his Tournament of Power wish to undue the fusion. The manga confirmed the fighter is only taking part in the event to complete his unprecedented wish, and the Super Dragon Balls could surely do that. Jiren could resurrect his race if the fusion theory is true, and it would explain why the guy is so dang OP. After all, fusions do act as a power multiplier and multiplying anything by the thousands would level it up big time.


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