How Can ‘Dragon Ball’ Recover From The Tournament Of Power?

Dragon Ball Super's new saga began simply enough, but the 'Universal Survival' storyline got real last week. The anime upped its body count real high after the Omni-Kings annihilated both Universe 2 and Universe 6 after they lost at the Tournament of Power. As the show continues, the tournament plans to destroy all but one of its participating universes, but fans want to know how the anime can go on after that happens.

After all, it's not like Dragon Ball is known for having things die and stay that way.

The Omni-Kings have a history of destroying universes, but Universe 7 doesn't seem keen to have its contemporaries stay erased. Even Vegeta has said he plans to bring back Universe 6 when - not if - he becomes the tournament's MVP.

With millions of lives on the line, Dragon Ball fans are trying to figure out how the franchise will retcon the destruction of these universes. The fandom has conjured up three ways for Dragon Ball Super to undo the damage, and you can read up on them below:


The most straightforward way for Dragon Ball Super to bring back the universes has everything to do with the Super Dragon Balls. As promised by the Omni-Kings, the surviving universe's MVP will be allowed to use the artifacts for a powerful wish. Fans have guessed for awhile now that Universe 7 would use it to resurrect the fallen universes, but the wish may not be so simple. The Omni-Kings may be fickle, but the pair seemed determined to cut down its underlings for good. The wish will likely rely on Goku winning the Omni-Kings over, so here's to hoping the Saiyan knows how to win that debate.


If the Omni-Kings absolutely refuse to bring back the destroyed universes, there is always a chance its people could be brought back themselves. Dragon Ball Super did confirm that Universe 7 has a paltry 28 planets total thanks to Freeza and Majin Buu's destructive reigns. The annihilated universes could have all its occupied planets subsumed into Goku's home, and the get-together would be an intense one.


The chance is small, but fans are not disqualifying the notion that the Omni-Kings haven't actually destroyed any universes. There are several arguments out there which suggest the all-powerful gods are just messing with the tournament attendees about annihilation. The Omni-Kings could be sending the losing universes anywhere while saying the realms have actually be destroyed. The high-stakes would force the tournament's fighters to give the gods a good show, and fans think the Grand Priest is more than capable of subtly tricking the Omni-Kings to go for such a trick.


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