‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Goku's Impending Ultra Instinct Woes

Dragon Ball Super is all-in on its latest form for Goku, but that does not mean the Saiyan will have an easy time mastering the form. The anime just gave fans a staunch reminder of how difficult Ultra Instinct is to manage, and it has audiences think Goku is in for some trouble down the road.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku went up against the remainder of Universe 2 once Ribrianne was eliminated. The fighter, who teamed up with Androids 17 and 18, was put through the ringer as he was eventually trapped in a big black hole. Goku was able to escape the attack by going Super Saiyan Blue, but Freeza wondered afterwards what kept Goku from using Ultra Instinct.

However, Whis was kind enough to answer that question for fans.

“Exposure to repeated extreme conditions can lead to acclimation,” the angel said. “The bar may be getting raised on his opportunity to break his own shell.”

It isn’t surprising to hear that Goku’s body is starting to get used to Ultra Instinct. After all, the hero did whip out the form for a second time during his battle with Kefla. The Saiyan used the power-up much more smoothly than he did against Jiren, so audiences can see why Goku is growing accustomed to the form. However, the fighter’s continued use of Ultra Instinct will make it harder to summon in the future.

Like Whis said, Goku’s repeated use of Ultra Instinct makes it harder for him to tap into the form. Being caught in a black hole may have triggered the form once upon a time, but Goku’s threshold for the transformation has since been raised. The Saiyan will have to endure bigger threats to force Ultra Instinct to the surface, and that could spell disaster for Universe 7.


Fans know it is only a matter of time until Jiren challenges Goku once more, but the Saiyan may have a more difficult time mustering up Ultra Instinct when that happens. The Pride Trooper may do some big damage to Universe 7’s team before Goku can get his power-up going, and Goku could even sustain injuries in the process. There’s little doubt Goku will be able to enter the form when needed, but the hero’s exposure to Ultra Instinct will make it hard to trigger unless Goku masters it. So, it looks like the Saiyan better use the form sparingly until he has time to unlock its full potential.

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