'Dragon Ball' Fans Think Vegeta May Unlock An Ultimate Saiyan Form Soon

Dragon Ball Super may have introduced a new power-up for Goku last year, but Vegeta has yet to get [...]

Dragon Ball Super may have introduced a new power-up for Goku last year, but Vegeta has yet to get his moment in the Tournament of Power. The anime's latest episode put Vegeta against Jiren, but the Saiyan did not walk away the victor. However, fans are convinced Vegeta is about to get a new form, and theories about it are already cropping up.

Now, one fan-theory has plenty thinking Vegeta will get a special kind of power-up, and it will be one Goku cannot match.

Over the years, Vegeta has been pushed aside when it comes to transformations. Yes, the Saiyan winds up unlocking most of the powers Goku taps into, but he never finds them first. From Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, Vegeta never fails to ride Goku's coattails in terms of power, but Dragon Ball Super has an opportunity to change that.

Over on Reddit, fans began theorizing the kind of unique power-up Vegeta could get soon, and many think he will get something specifically Saiyan-focused. Goku's new form, Ultra Instinct, is one that anyone can achieve if they are strong enough. While gods may be the ones most closely connected to Ultra Instinct, Goku was able to use the form once his power limits were broken. However, Vegeta has always been spurred on by something other than a need for strength.

Really, when it comes down to it, Vegeta finds motivation in his Saiyan Pride. The guy always falls back to his heritage when he's backed into a corner, and Vegeta may be able to unearth an inherent Saiyan strength that Goku hasn't tapped into yet. After all, Vegeta is the only Saiyan left in Universe 7 who experienced his people's culture growing up, and he has a deep connection to all things Saiyan. Rather than use 'outsider' techniques like fusion or Kaio-Ken, fans hope Vegeta's new power will come from his roots and leave Goku feeling a bit jealous.

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