Dragon Ball Super: Watch Whis Reveal Goku & Vegeta's Biggest Weakness

With the Tournament of Power raging on at the moment in Dagon Ball Super, fans are reminded that Universe 7’s Goku and Vegeta are not guaranteed to win. This was made apparent when Whis, the Universe 7’s Angel and master of their God of Destruction Beerus, revealed the Saiyan duo’s biggest weaknesses.

Earlier in Dragon Ball Super when both Vegeta and Goku were training with Whis, the Universe 7 Angel pointed out what they each lacked. According to Whis the two greatly lacked speed, however, that wasn’t the most concerning issue they have. The two Saiyan’s are basically opposites, as each of their weaknesses is the other strength.

For Goku, it is the fact that he is too relaxed and counties to leave himself wide open. This was most evident when one of Freeza’s weak minions was able to pierce Goku’s chest with a basic weapon, in Freeza’s return. Ever since this point fans would have assumed that Goku would have learned his lesson, however, he clearly has not. Goku continues to be off-guard and wide open even now during the Tournament of Power, with this still being his ultimate weakness.

Goku and Vegeta
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Meanwhile, for Vegeta, he is the exact opposite, as he is wound too tight. Vegeta needs to be more relaxed, unlike Goku who is too relaxed, making it harder for the prince of all Saiyan's to move in a fight at his full potential. He too hasn’t shown signs of improvement when it comes to this issue as well.


The two remain the exact opposite of each other, which is why when the two fuse they become the ultimate warrior. This is why the duo was so powerful as Vegito against Zamasu and Goku Black. It is also the reason why fans assume that Gogeta or Vegito will appear in the Tournament of Power, as the two mixed together compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses.

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