Dragon Ball Super Confirms Why Moro Cannot Be Tracked

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has begun a new phase as the fallout from the fight with Moro on New Namek now has Goku and Vegeta barreling through space in different directions. With a complete victory for Moro, and no one to stop him for now, he's left to his own devices. Given free reign to devour as many planets as he wants on a new streak of terror, not even the Galactic Patrol can keep a tab on his movements as he's moving from planet to planet at a super high speed.

The latest chapter of the manga confirms that Moro indeed can't be tracked as he goes on his space tirade. Not only is his continuing to be out of the Galactic Patrol's reach, his ship is moving too fast for their radar, and Goku can't even scan for his ki over such a long distance.

Chapter 51 sees Moro enacting the next phase of his grand plan after draining New Namek of every last bit of its energy returns him to his prime. After this, he enlists his prisoner henchmen in finding new planets to drain dry of their energy and valuables. The Galactic Patrol is left to only react to Moro's destruction, as they confirm that one planet has been ruined while Moro's already on to the next one.

Merus asks if the Galactic Patrol was able to lock onto their life signatures, but the other patrollers confirm that they're moving too fast to lock onto. And Goku realizes that he can't lock onto their ki because their too far. But even if he could, they'd probably run into the same kind of problem Goku did at the beginning of the arc.

When Goku first scanned for Moro's location, Moro was able to counter it by completely recognize that someone was keeping an eye on him. Whether it be a greater awareness of ki than Goku suspects, or help from his magic, Moro's been one step ahead at every turn. His third wish was to release the rest of the prisoners, and while that initially seemed like a waste, now it's starting to make more sense.


The release of the prisoners helped turn the tide of the fight. It gave Moro a small army that's going to help him clean out planets, and it's becoming increasingly clearer that Moro has some kind of idea in mind for them afterwards. It's probably not far off to assume that Moro wanted this speedy ship for this phase of the plan and just planned that far ahead. Now it's just a matter of seeing what Moro's got planned next.

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