‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals How Powerful Zeno Truly Is

If you are caught up with the Dragon Ball Super dub, then you just learned one hugely important [...]

If you are caught up with the Dragon Ball Super dub, then you just learned one hugely important lesson. Whis schooled Goku and Vegeta about Grand Zeno, and the angel had lots to say about the being's power.

You know, considering Zeno is the most powerful character to - well - ever exist in the franchise.

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode honed in on Goku and Vegeta as the pair trained with Beerus on the god's world. The group was joined by Whis for a meal of instant ramen during a break, and it was there Goku brought up Zeno a bit too casually. When Beerus choked on his food at the reference, the Saiyan wondered aloud why the god was so scared of Zeno, and Whis was all too happy to tell him.

"Something would be wrong if he didn't fear Grand Zeno. He is the most supreme of all the deities ruling over the entire multiverse. In the hierarchy of the gods, there is no one above him," Whis said before Beerus chimed in.

"Grand Zeno is not a fighter, Goku. But, without a doubt, he is the mightiest. You simply couldn't fathom his power."

Obviously, Goku and Vegeta were taken back by the news. After all, Zeno made his debut in the 'Universe 6 Tournament' saga with little controversy. The naive blue deity simply scolded a very nervous Beerus and Champa for the event before Goku side-tracked the god. However, as Whis explained, Zeno is as powerful as a character can get in Dragon Ball.

"Grand Zeno could annihilate anything he wishes in the blink of an eye regardless of size or complexity. Be it a single life form or a world or a galaxy or an entire universe," the angel explained. "If it ever struck his fancy, he could eliminate everything - all of reality as we know it."

Goku may be powerful, but the Saiyan is not capable of the things Zeno can do. The Omni-King cannot be touched in terms of power, and his childlike personality makes his obliviousness truly dangerous. So, it is a good thing Goku can level with the guy. After all, the two are probably on the same maturity wavelength.

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