Akira Toriyama Explains Why Universe 6 Saiyans Are So Strong

When Dragon Ball started, there was just one Saiyan to worry about, and that was Goku. Over the [...]

When Dragon Ball started, there was just one Saiyan to worry about, and that was Goku. Over the years, more than a dozen Saiyans have been added to the franchise, but those of Universe 6 got some fuming thanks to their ridiculous strength. Now, the creator of Dragon Ball is setting those fans straight and explaining why Universe 6 Saiyans are over-powered.

So, here's a hint: it has nothing to do with them being angry. Imagine that.

This week, Saikyo Jump will publish a full interview it did with Akira Toriyama about his franchise. Scans of the piece have started to hit the Internet, and fan-translators will quick to note a new tidbit about how Saiyan biology works.

When Toriyama was asked if any Saiyan can go Super Saiyan so long as they train, the man said no. The special form can only be unlocked with due diligence, intense training, and having a rather specific genealogy. Toriyama revealed Saiyans are born with something known as S-Cells, and the biological blocks can activate the Super Saiyan form if triggered. The more S-Cells you have, the better off you will be. And, as Toriyama went on to say, the Saiyans of Universe 6 have lots of those cells.

Saikyo Jump asked Toriyama how Saiyans can increase their S-Cells. The creator said it is a troublesome thing to do, but "having a gentle spirit is the best way to greatly increase one's S-Cells."

"I think is why no Super Saiyans appeared for such a long time and they became the stuff of legend," Toriyama said. "However, one can't reach the quantity necessary for becoming a Super Saiyan simply by having a gentle spirit, so a certain amount of battle power is indeed necessary."

Toriyama confirmed Saiyans can raise their S-Cells by living gently rather than throwing angry tantrums. For Universe 7 Saiyans, they knew nothing but torment and anger because of their savage rule under Freeza. Universe 6 gave its Saiyans a different path as the race evolved beyond its primitive state and became peacekeepers for others. Though they fight, Universe 6 Saiyans live a far more gentle, passive life than Goku did - and that's a real good explanation for why Kale is so insanely strong.

After all, the girl is the definition of meek. Her gentle attitude makes it hard for her to speak let alone fight, and Kale's insanely strong Super Saiyan form only benefits from that attitude.

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