Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Puts The Buu Into Android 21

One of the biggest new characters that was introduced in what is considered to be the best Dragon [...]

One of the biggest new characters that was introduced in what is considered to be the best Dragon Ball Z fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, was definitely Android 21 and the female bombshell has recently been honored with a pitch perfect cosplay that brings the powerhouse to life! Though she was associated with Dr. Gero, she definitely had a character all her own and within the game's story line, eventually gained the power of Majin Buu which gave her a pink make over that matches the insane power boost she wielded to fight the Z Fighters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ had a unique story line that saw the female android bringing back a number of deceased villains in order to take their energy in order to make herself stronger. With the likes of Freeza, Cell, and the Ginyu Force joining up with Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters, it eventually took all of them fighting as a team to make a dent against the insane power of Android 21. The game itself was noted by Akira Toriyama to be an official part of the overall Dragon Ball canon, though Android 21 has yet to officially appear in Dragon Ball Super or Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

Instagram Cosplayer Kitsukami_Cos shared this impressive take that brings to life Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ, following her absorbing of energy from Majin Buu and gaining a large amount of power in the process to continue her experiments:

The Androids of Dr. Gero remain a big part of the Dragon Ball franchise, with Androids 17 and 18 fighting alongside the Z Fighters in the current arc of Dragon Ball Super and we're crossing our fingers that 21 will join the cast at some point!

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