Stunning Dragon Ball Fan-Art Reimagines Goku's First Fight with Frieza

One of the most iconic fights to take place during Dragon Ball Z, and perhaps the entirety of the Shonen franchise created by Akira Toriyama, was when Goku and Freeza butted heads on the burning planet of Namek, and one fan has captured the energy of this titanic tussle with some stunning fan art of the battle that introduced the world of the idea of Super Saiyans! Though Freeza didn't stay dead following his death at the hands of Future Trunks during the Android Saga, returning in Dragon Ball Super, this battle's legacy lives on in the medium of anime.

The battle between Goku and Freeza has been translated into video games, and revisited in the anime series, more times than we can count, showing us how the alien despot responsible for the destruction of the Saiyans was able to stack up when faced with the mythical Super Saiyan. Throughout the Namek Saga, there wasn't an enemy who was able to truly stand up against Freeza, with his handful of transformations putting him into a different weight class with the likes of Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta. Even with the Namek Saga being revisited time and time again, it is still thought of as one of the best sagas in the history of Dragon Ball!

Reddit Artist A_Risso94 shared this kinetic art work that pits Goku against Freeza once again, with the two battling on a planet that is "five minutes away from destruction", becoming an instant classic among the anime community thanks to not only the introduction of Super Saiyan, but also the brutality of the fight itself:

Yo I’m back with another art! Goku vs Frieza! from r/dbz

As mentioned earlier, Freeza returned to the franchise of Dragon Ball having been wished back by his underlings in the story arc that was titled Resurrection of F. Though Freeza's goals aligned with the Z Fighters' during the Tournament of Power Arc, he still remains a villain and recently attempted to eliminate both Goku and Vegeta by manipulating the mind of Broly. Freeza has yet to appear in the latest story arc of the manga during the Moro saga, but we fully expect the alien despot to rear his ugly head down the line within the Dragon Ball franchise.


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