Dragon Ball Z Fans Spot Painful Mistake Involving Vegeta

One of the biggest blows to Vegeta's ego came into his battle with Android 18 following his acquisition of the transformation into a Super Saiyan. Finally achieving what he dreamed of, the prince of the Saiyans felt on top of the world, claiming to have finally overtaken Son Goku in terms of his overall power level and displaying his new power by easily destroying Android 19. While his fight with 18 marked the spectacular debut of the villain who would one day become good, it seems it has also been the cause of a mistake in the soon to be released worldwide video game of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot!

Twitter User DBSHype posted the comparing photographs that show that Android 18, in the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, clearly breaks the wrong arm of Vegeta's, with the blond haired antagonist clearly differentiating her movements in this new lore from the event which took place in the manga and the anime series:

Following the fight between Vegeta and Android 18, the prince of the Saiyans recuperated and swore to increase his power level by training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber along with his son Trunks, while also using it as a means to defeat the new threat in the form of the biological nightmare that was Cell. Of course, as fans know, Vegeta allows Cell to absorb Android 18 to achieve his perfect form, even going so far as to fight his own son to make the event take place.

Since these older days, Vegeta has changed astronomically, now fighting alongside Android 18 during the Tournament of Power and long having healed from the injury that she caused him, which was both physical and emotional! Needless to say, we'll keep an eye on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to see what other events and mistakes may have transpired from the source material!


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