This Dragon Ball Z Fan 3D Printed an Impressive Life-Size Goku Statue

Dragon Ball fans are mad for collectibles, and there are plenty out there which sell for all kinds of cash. If you want a rare Funko, you could shell out well over $2,000 USD for a Vegeta figure, and there are other high-end statues which sell even higher than that. It is no surprise fans covet these items since they're difficult to obtain, but one fan decided to change the game up.

After all, why pay for a life-size statue of Goku when you can just make one yourself? Over on Reddit, a user named santube got fans buzzing when they shared a photo of their on-going Dragon Ball project. The fan managed to create a 3D printed version of Goku, and it looks sick even without the paint.

According to santube, the material for making this statue was about $500. That is obviously quite the steal when other figures its size retail for several thousand dollars. At 5' tall, this figure of Goku will tower above some adults, and its creator put a lot of time into it.

3D printed 5ft tall Goku is ready for Paint! from r/dbz

As you can see above, the massive figure looks pretty smooth, and that is because santube had to sand lots of it. The piece was printed in parts and was assembled from there. Not only does this mean the figure is lighter than harder resin figures, but it makes the overall design more flexible. After the statue was put together, santube said Goku had to be sanded down which took four days. Now, the character is ready to get painted, and fans are eager to see what color scheme the Saiyan will be going with.

If you want to see how this figure will look, santube has promised to share a video detailing the whole creation process. And for those wanting to make their own statue, well - you better start saving up for a solid 3D printer that's ready to go Super Saiyan.


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