Dragon Ball Reveals New Details About Gohan's History with Android 16

Dragon Ball fans are always down to learn more about the franchise's lore, and they got a shot of [...]

Dragon Ball fans are always down to learn more about the franchise's lore, and they got a shot of info over the weekend. Thanks to Bandai Namco, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has come out, and the game lets fans relive the anime in a new way. Overseen by Dragon Ball's team, much of this game is folding new details into canon for fans, and it did something we've all wanted for some time now.

Just like in the anime, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is divided into arcs and sagas. When Cell comes along, Gohan is none too interested in fighting, and he finds camaraderie in Android 16. The hulking android never wanted to fight either, and fans learned a bit more about their relationship with one another.

In the anime, things between Android 16 and Gohan were left vague to say the least. They were clearly of the same spirit, but the show never had time to dwell on their friendship. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot makes time for that expansion, and it makes the payoff of Gohan reaching Super Saiyan 2 all the more satisfying.

Towards the beginning of the arc, Bulma needs Gohan to gather some ore to fix up Android 16. He heads out with the android by his side, and it is there the pair discuss their love of nature and animals. It is also there Android 16 sees how strong the pacifistic boy is, and he realizes Gohan must be the one to stop Cell.

That is why Android 16 speaks more directly to Gohan in his final moments. After having his head lobbed off, the android is able to speak some before Cell finishes him off. In the game, Android 16 specifically tells Gohan "it is not a sing to fight for what is right."

In this expansion, Android 16 gives Gohan the push he needed to fight Cell. Goku could encourage his son all he wanted, but the boy needed permission from a fighter more like him. So when Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 after Android 16 dies, the emotional fallout is all the more rich and heart wrenching for it.

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