Dragon Ball Z Artwork Gives Goku's Iconic Super Saiyan Hair a Makeover

There are a slew of famous hairdos, and they have all had their time in the sun. For instance, the 1990s saw millions adopt The Rachel in honor of Friends, and Justin Bieber made the shaggy bowl cut iconic a number of years later. Still, there is one person whose hair continues to inspire, and they aren't even from this planet. Son Goku has some seriously famous hair, and one fan just reminded the world that Super Saiyan hair wasn't always so bright.

Over on Twitter, a fan named Cody_Artzz shared an old throwback take on Goku. The Saiyan is taken straight from Dragon Ball Z, but the filler episode decided to imagine Goku with black Super Saiyan hair when he met Pikkon for the first time.

As you can see, the filler kept Goku's hair black in this piece, and fans admit the sight is a weird one to see. Traditionally, Goku's hair turns blonde when he goes Super Saiyan no matter the stage. The only exception is when Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue as his hair turns bright blue at that point. As for Super Saiyan God, the form uses Goku's usual hairstyle and turns its pink, and the same can be said with Ultra Instinct and its silver palatte.

Goku's Super Saiyan form has never used black hair during Dragon Ball Z in canon, but fans admit the filler look is edgy. The art sees Goku rock the look during several key scenes in the anime, and the color palatte serves him well. Now, fans are wondering whether Super Saiyan Black will ever become a real thing, but they shouldn't hold their breath. In the past, creator Akira Toriyama said he preferred Super Saiyan's light coloring as it made the form easier to draw, and there's no telling how much inking would be needed to turn the blonde style black on the regular.

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