Elon Musk's Love of Anime Got His Twitter Locked

Social media is liable to cut anyone off its feed, and it seems not even Elon Musk can work around such oversight. After all, the Tesla and Space X mogul just had his Twitter locked for a brief period, and Musk knows what happened.

In the end, it turns out anime was his downfall.

For those unaware, Musk took to Twitter yesterday to share his love for all things anime. He posted a message to fans which read "I [heart] anime" before adding: "And I own a chibi Wolverine."

These weren't the only posts made by Musk concerning anime. The tech prodigy also posted an anime meme with the text "Wanna buy some Bitcoin?" attached.

The messages were the last ones posted before Twitter locked Musk's account for a short time. The site hasn't made an official announcement on which posts caused Musk's account to shut down. It was reinstated soon after being locked, and the billionaire posted an explanation for the lock.

"Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha," Musk revealed.

While Twitter might have been surprised by Musk's otaku leanings, the Internet as a whole isn't too surprised. Despite having stepped down as Tesla's chairman back in September, the tech giant has rolled out advancements which only series like Mobile Suit Gundam could've imagined way back when. In fact, Musk made a direct nod to the high-tech genre on Twitter awhile back with another brief tweet.

"It is time to create a mecha," Musk tweeted earlier this month, prompting fans to spam the inventor with tens of thousands of Gundam GIFs. So, if Space X is looking to expand its work, the folks at Sunrise may have some unused mecha mock-ups Musk can share with his team.


This isn't the first time Musk has found himself in the center of a social media storm, but the Tesla founder hasn't had his anime tastes scrutinized until just now. Most recently, Musk found himself battling thousands of Fortnite fans and the game itself when he dissed the popular battle royale title. Taking to Twitter, Musk shared a spoof post insinuating he would buy Fortnite just to delete it. Fortnite shot back at Musk afterwards on social media, mocking a decade-long Space X timeline and telling Musk to "just build LOL."

So, which anime series do you think Musk has in his top ten list? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!