Overseas TV Network Replacing Cancelled Games with Sports Anime

It goes without saying that coronavirus is on everyone's mind these days. The novel strain [...]

It goes without saying that coronavirus is on everyone's mind these days. The novel strain surfaced months ago in China to the alarm of many, and it has since become a full-blown pandemic according to the World Health Organization. In the U.S., steps are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 around the country which has caused sports groups like the NBA to close their entire season... but Taiwan knows the best way to fill the gaps on its sports networks.

All it takes is a bit of thinking, planning, and anime. If ESPN wants to boost their ratings, the network might consider showing some sports anime like Taiwan's ELTA is doing this month.

Over on Twitter, Austin H. Wang shared some interesting news with the world when they revealed ELTA has planned Slam Dunk screenings in lieu of sports given all the cancellations.

"Due to the cancellation of lots of sports by the coronavirus, the major sports tv channel ELTA in Taiwan decides to provide Slam Dunk every day during the prime time at 7pm... the most famous basketball anime in my childhood," Wang explained.

As you can see above, Slam Dunk will be airing in a prime time lot each night on ELTA. This will help fill in the gaps left after the NBA cancelled its entire season ahead of March Madness as athletes began testing positive for COVID-19. Other sports divisions in the U.S. like the NHL and MSL closed alongside other national organizations. This means ELTA and networks like ESPN will need content to fill time slots... so sports anime is coming to the rescue abroad.

Of course, fans in the U.S. would be happy to see shows like Slam Dunk take on ESPN during this drought. Other shows like The Prince of Tennis, Haikyuu, and more would work as well. And if fans like Wang ask for these marathons, they might just get them.

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