FLCL's New Seasons Will Have New Music From The Pillows

Fooly Cooly helped introduce a world to anime fans that was unlike anything else viewers had seen, with a quirky alien girl interacting with a mundane young man as the universe around them threw some wild creatures their way. With Toonami announcing that it would be bringing back the series via two new seasons that follow new characters in this colorful world, it would seem that the original band responsible for the first soundtrack is making a grand return for both Grunge and Shoegaze.    

If you aren't familiar with the Pillows, they're a Japanese rock band that has been a part of the Eastern music scene since the later 1980s. The Pillows also supplied tracks for the original FLCL when it was being created by Studio Gainax originally, meaning that the rock band definitely knows its way around this strange tale that has some of the wildest moments in anime history.  Sawao Yamanaka, the lead vocalist for the Pillows, stated during the Production IG panel that the new tracks are set to focus on the new characters that will debut in both FLCL Grunge and FLCL Shoegaze

As it stands, there are still numerous questions when it comes to the return of this wild series on Toonami, though Production IG's panel at Anime Expo did give fans a bit of a look into the world of FLCL's return. FLCL: Grunge will follow three young adults who are spending their first days in the office environment while FLCL: Shoegaze will take place a decade after the original series and follow the story of a new boy and girl within the universe. Both Grunge and Shoegaze will be brought to life by Production IG with the latter set to be directed by Yutaka Uemura. Uemura was the director of FLCL Alternative, so this will make for a major return.

These two new series have yet to reveal when they will be hitting the Cartoon Network programming block, though we imagine there are plenty of anime fans that wouldn't mind diving back into the world of Fooly Cooly.


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