Hilarious JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Scene Gets Turned Into High-Fashion Jacket

Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati weren't always on the best of terms when they first met one another in the fifth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind. Though the two eventually joined forces in order to attempt to lead the Passione mob towards a more altruistic path, they first met as rivals with their Stands Golden Wind and Zipperman coming to blows. Now, one Bizarre fan has decided to revisit the hilarious scene where the first two protagonists met in the early part of the season.

Reddit User Crash_Site_Graphite shared the amazing creation that revisits the scene where Bucciarati hilariously licks Giorno's face in order to determine whether or not the wielder of Golden Wind is lying to his face:

[Fanart] Back at it again with another jacket from r/StardustCrusaders

Giorno and Bucciarati went through some tough times as they attempted to defeat the villainous Diavolo and overtake the Passione mafia, with Bruno becoming essentially a walking corpse later in the series. Though his luck had been decent earlier on in the season, it was only a matter of time until his luck ran out and both him and his Stand, Zipperman, would shed this mortal coil.

JoJo Lick
(Photo: David Production)

Though Bruno wasn't able to see Giovanna ascend the ranks of the Italian Mob and become the new "Don", he was surely looking down from his new resting place and happy that the Stand wielders managed to achieve their goal and make Italy a safer place moving forward, free from the influence of Diavolo and his Stand, King Crimson!


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally created by Hirohiko Araki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987, and is one of the longest running series in the magazine overall. It follows the story of the Joestar family, who are each destined to take down various supernatural enemies. The series has been split up into eight parts, with each part following a different generation of the Joestar family. The series has sold over 100 million copies, and has been licensed for an English language release by Viz Media. The series has spawned multiple anime, video games, toys, and even jewelry. The series currently has an anime adaptation that initially began in 2012, and now has run for over 100 episodes spanning the first five major arcs of the series.