'Lady and the Tramp' Gets the Perfect Anime Makeover

One of the biggest traditions among anime fans is taking a popular franchise and imagining it with a cool anime twist. Disney films are some of the most popular choices for this, and now fans have imagined a different take on Lady and the Tramp.

Artist @pixxcc shared a special anime take on the interaction between Lady and Peg in the pound, and fans are in love.

In the original film, Lady had suddenly found herself in the dog pound after tangling her life in with the mysterious stray Tramp, and Peg, another dog in the pound who's experienced the harshness of life, warns Lady about Tramp. Singing the famous song, "He's A Tramp" (which @pixcc references in the art), Peg lets viewers know that Tramp does this kind of thing all the time.

She explains that Tramp is a soundrel, and a really selfish dog but she's got a strong affection for him anyway. He's the talk of the dog town, and regardless of his bad boy nature, she still can't help but wish he came her way. She's warning Lady that's she's just the latest in a long line of burned dogs, and Lady just can't believe such a thing.

Though this anime spin seems shocking at first, anime series involve anthropomorphic characters all the time. It would not be the most surprising thing to see this spin on the dog love story, especially with a much different version coming along already. Lady and Peg will be appearing in a completely different way pretty soon as Disney is currently planning to produce a live-action CGI hybrid remake of the famous animated film.


Tessa Thompson will be portraying Lady, and Janelle Monae voicing Peg. The rest of the confirmed cast is just as stacked with Justin Thoreux, Thomas Mann, Kiersey Clemons, Benedict Wong, Ashley Jensen, and Yvette Nicole Brown among the additions.

Directed by Charlie Bean (The LEGO Ninjago Movie), written by Andrew Bujalski, and produced by Bringham Taylor, the Lady and the Tramp remake is one of the first original projects launching on Disney's future streaming service in 2019. The original Lady and the Tramp was released by Walt Disney Animation in 1955, and told the story of Lady, and upper-class American cocker spaniel, whose path crossed with Tramp, a clever stray. During the course of their adventure, the unlikely companions found love in one another.