Marvel Future Avengers Season 2 Confirms Disney+ Release Date

Marvel has crossed over to the world of anime a few times during its history, with the likes of the X-Men, Blade, and Iron Man getting anime series of their own, but the recent series of Marvel's Future Avengers takes some of the biggest stars of the MCU and unites them into one universe that is soon to receive a second season! Marvel's Future Avengers' will be dropping onto the popular streaming service of Disney+, with the company confirming when these anime tales will be arriving!

If you've never heard of Marvel's Future Avengers or simply haven't had the chance to get into the series, here's a quick breakdown on the events of the anime. In the first season, audiences were introduced to three super powered kids named Chloe, Adi, and Makoto who were raised by the villainous organization known as Hydra. With the three being groomed to believe that the Avengers are the real villains, they are eventually broken free of their brainwashing and brought to the side of the Marvel super hero team where they have regular adventures with the group as they strive toward becoming the next generation of Marvel heroes!

The second season expands the world even further with new heroes and villains to make their first appearances! The series will add its newest season to Disney+ beginning on May 22nd, offering subscribers a new opportunity to explore this anime version of the the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Throughout the first season of Marvel's Future Avengers, a large collection of the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe have made their presences known. With the likes of Deadpool, the Green Goblin, Winter Soldier, Kamala Khan, showing that the anime series certainly knew its stuff when it was looking to feature a wide breadth of characters made popular both inside and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the likes of the Inhumans being introduced in the second season, the series definitely took an opportunity to further explore the world of Marvel and give many beloved characters an anime makeover that showed a new side to the heroes.

Were you a fan of the first season of Marvel's Future Avengers? Will you be checking out season two when it drops next month on Disney+? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and anime Avengers!