McDonald's Sanrio Toy Goes Viral Thanks to Big Butt Blunder

McDonald's is in just about any city you visit these days. The fast food chain still stands as a juggernaut, and it has been trying to update its unhealthy reputation for some time now. Of course, kids couldn't care about the restaurant's caloric average so long as they get a kid's toy, but it seems that promise can be messed up.

After all, McDonald's Japan is dealing with a rather hilarious flub thanks to one of its Happy Meals. Not long ago, the company began to give out Sanrio-themed toys with its meals overseas, but one of the poor mascots came out with its butt more than a little mangled.

As Rocket News 24 reports, the ordeal began when a voice actress shared a photo of her Happy Meal online. Kana Nanaumi posted a picture of the Pom Pom Purin toy she got with her meal. The cute tan dog was meant to get an easygoing action figure, but as you can see below, that is not what happened.

The toy which Nanaumi got had not one but two - well - holes for its rear. In the mascot's actual design, fans can easily see Pom Pom Purin's butt in all of its anatomical wonder. It seems like McDonald's had hoped to recreate that design, but a production error left this toy holier than others.


Of course, the hilarious mishap was quickly shared online, and it prompted plenty of memes. Others have come forward with photos showing off their misprinted Sanrio toys, so it seems like Pom Pom Purin wasn't singled out. And if that lets the Sanrio star rest a bit easier, well - I think we can all agree thee pup deserves that much.

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