My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Dangerous New Outfit

My Hero Academia has given its share of heroes suit upgrades in the last little bit, but the same [...]

My Hero Academia has given its share of heroes suit upgrades in the last little bit, but the same cannot be said for villains. There are more of the baddies than ever before thanks to Shigaraki's new leadership over Redestro and his people. Of course, that became obvious when the manga's ongoing arc pitted the Pro Heroes against the villains, and it all ended up with Shigaraki getting a new outfit.

Recently, the manga put out chapter 273 which ended with a clear look at Shigaraki. The man was seen coming out of the debris that his Decay Quirk created. Whatever power boost Shigaraki went through was worth it as the villain can obliterate an entire city by just standing in it. This kind of power is designed to be feared, and Shigaraki is looking scarier than ever thanks to his new outfit.

The suit which Shigaraki appeared in this last chapter is dark and foreboding. It features a torn and tattered cape which the Pro Hero X-Less donned before he was killed by Shigaraki. The cape keeps the villain warm as his new powers seem to make him cold, and the cape just so happens to be the perfect accessory for a villain.


As for the rest of the outfit, Shigaraki is dressed in a tight full-body suit with paneling all across it. This suit is the one which Shigaraki wore while Dr. Garaki experimented on him. For comic fans, this suit will remind them of an X-Men suit should the Marvel heroes have turned to the dark side. And when this sleek black look combines with Shigaraki's scarred face, you can see why the villain comes off so dangerous. This almost regal look is more mature than the shabby one Shigaraki donned at the beginning of the series, and it shows how deadly All For One's protege has become.

And now? Well, it seems like Shigaraki is ready to test out his new powers against Endeavor. It won't take long before the rest of the Pro Heroes see how scary the villain is for themselves, so Izuku has a lot to work on if he wants to be able to beat his nemesis someday.

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