My Hero Academia Fan Honors Izuku with Stunning Fem Cosplay

In the world of fandom makes, there are few tropers as beloved as a gender swap, and that is exactly what one anime lover decided to do with Izuku of My Hero Academia. The hero is best known for his inheritance of One For All, and his sensitive nature has impressed fans around the world. It goes without saying that Izuku is nuanced for a mainstream superhero, and fans have experimented with the character time and again. That is why the cosplay MochiChuu decided to give Izuku a femme makeover which every My Hero Academia fan can smile about.

Deku's story originally started as rather tragic, desiring nothing more than to be a superhero to help his fellow citizens but seemingly being born without a Quirk to do so. With nearly the entire population gaining superpowers, Izuku proved himself directly to All Might by essentially sacrificing himself in a bid to save his friend Bakugo's life. Since inheriting the quirk of All For One, it's almost been a constant struggle against the villains of the world as he's learned more about the secret history of UA Academy and the heroes and villains that dwell the anime's universe.

Instagram Cosplayer MochiChuu shared their amazing interpretation of a revised version of Midoriya's superhero outfit, "smile" and all, proving that the costume can certainly be tailored to retain the spirit of the original but also be shown with a brand new look:

In the fourth season of My Hero Academia, Midoriya managed to do the impossible with the help of the young girl Eri, whose quirk allowed her to essentially reverse targets that were in her range, making it so that Deku's injuries were immediately healed. With the finale of the season hinting that Deku is going to be further exploring the Quirk of One For All, we're definitely excited to see where his journey goes in the future.

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