My Hero Academia Pits Deku Against A New Sniper Villain

My Hero Academia's latest chapter pits Deku against a new villain - a sniper who seems to have [...]

My Hero Academia's latest chapter pits Deku against a new villain - a sniper who seems to have direct ties to All For One himself. (Warning: Spoilers Follow!) My Hero Academia chapter 311 is called "Here We Go!" and it couldn't be more apt. This chapter of the manga feels like the final calm before the final storm truly begins, and ends with the exciting promise that - from here on out - Izuku Midoriya's battles will truly be next level. The series has whittled its focus down to Deku and his pro hero partners Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist and All Might, as they attempt to track down All For One and his protege/hostage Tomura Shigaraki.

The latest chapter of the manga reveals that Deku's squad is in a race against the clock: It's only a matter of time before All For One completes the power enhancement process that Dr. Garaki started on Shigaraki - before the pro heroes' raid on his lab during the War Arc. Once Shigaraki's body is fully enhanced, All For One can possess his body, and with that enhanced body, All For One would finally be able to absorb One For All, and overwhelm the will of the previous users in order to take it.

Izuku and the top pros have a plan: use Deku's exploits as a freelance hero as bait to lure All For One's most loyal followers out - and thereby provide a trail back to All For One's hidden lair. Well that plan works all too well, as Deku is attacked - or rather contacted - by one of All For One's newest minions, who makes her mark by shooting a radio device onto a wall near Deku, from the barrel of a unique high-powered rifle.

My Hero Academia Manga 311 Spoilers Deku vs New Sniper Vilain

The new villain appears to have a combination of a unique quirk and some helpful support items. From what we can tell in the teaser image of her at the end of the chapter, this sniper creates rifles and/or rifle bullets and enhancements out of what looks like the bones - either her own or from the seemingly dead (and limbless) body slumped next to her. In fact, the sniper's threat to Deku is that he comes quietly, he will "get to keep your limbs," and it's hard to know if she's talking about shooting them off, or collecting them as prizes to fuel her quirk. Finally, her feet are mounted into a large single boot that seems clamped in place on the rooftop, and two bone-like appendages provide a swerving stand for her rile-arm, with a bone-like crest for the scope.

As stated, this seems like a next-level villain for Deku to face, and a harbinger of the kind of elite foes we'll see in My Hero Academia as the final battle with One For All approaches!

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