My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Promises a Prison Break and All For One Comeback

My Hero Academia has ended its big Paranormal Liberation War arc, but as series big bad One For All let it be known, there will be no break for the heroes. In the final pages of My Hero Academia's latest manga, All For One (now in possession of Tomura Shigaraki's physical body), declares what the next item on the League of Villain's agenda is: breaking his real body out of prison! As many fans speculated, it now seems like a Prison Break Arc will be next on the horizon - and given the heroes, shattered ranks after the war, it's a good bet that One For All could succeed!

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 296 SPOILERS Follow!

In My Hero Academia's latest chapter, "Hellish Hell", we get to see what the aftermath of the war between the Pro Heroes and the villains' "Paranormal Liberation Front" terrorism group. As it turns out, a lot of top pro heroes are confirmed to be dead or maimed, while some key members of the villain side have similarly fallen in battle, or been detained. Even for those still standing, the brutality and losses of the war have fractured some pro heroes' faith in their line of work, while society is teetering in its opinion on whether the current pro hero system is still the ideal they want.

After getting the final outcome of the war is, and what it implies for the future of My Hero Academia, the chapter ends on a truly ominous note. We get a scene of One For All in his real body, still locked down in prison, musing to himself about how the war played out:

"I can feel it," the villain thinks. "My expectations were a bit off, but, it won't be long now."

If that wasn't enough indication of what is about to go down, One For All makes it clear in his next monologue:

"Why do they assume tomorrow will come for them? No, I won't grant them a moment's rest. Because it's my turn now. And my turn will never end. Hear me my tireless Nomu... It's time to free my real body."

My Hero Academia All For One Prison Break Arc Manga Anime
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The war arc threw some big twists into My Hero Academia's core story, where Shigaraki and One For All are concerned. Shigaraki got a "Plus-Ultra" power upgrade and learned he has the original AFO power at his disposal. However, All For One revealed that he has the power to forcibly take control of Shigaraki's conscious through their AFO power, and is ostensibly holding his protege mentally hostage now.


So what happens if All For One's original body comes back into play? Can he trap Shigarki in that vessel? Control both forms at once? And how can the heroes (who are all battered and worn out) recover in time to stop a prison break by the ferocious High-End Nomu?

My Hero Academia will be dropping answers in the upcoming Free Manga Chapter released online!