My Hero Academia Doesn't Have to Kill All Might for Izuku to Succeed

My Hero Academia has been hinting at the death of All Might for quite some time, even before he lost the majority of his powers while fighting against All For One, though I believe that his passing doesn't need to happen in order for Midoriya to become the next Symbol of Peace. In the most recent story arcs of both the anime and the manga, All Might has been training Deku in order to make him the next light of the world, teaching him the ins and outs of the One For All Quirk!

A number of anime revolve around the idea of legacy, with series such as Dragon Ball and Naruto handing off the baton, sometimes, to Gohan and Boruto during specific instances in each franchise. While Gohan took the reins for a brief period of time following the death of Goku as a result of the fight against Cell, Boruto has taken the driver's seat of the long running franchise even with his father alive and acting as the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha. The question is, with the relationship between Midoriya and All Might continuing, is it necessary for the latter to venture to the great beyond for Deku to become the top hero on the block?

All Might
(Photo: Studio Bones)

In a way, All Might is already dead. Granted, he is still wandering the earth as the skinny Toshinori Yogi, but his hero days where he would bound across the city skylines are over. With Toshinori only able to maintain his super heroic buff form for a few seconds at a time, it's clear that his role as the "Symbol Of Peace" is one that can no longer be held with ease. Yogi simply has a new role when it comes to the future of the world of My Hero Academia, as a teacher and the legacy that will be created by Deku is one that can be created with All Might still being alive.

Midoriya continues to be one of the strongest heroes in the world, quickly adapting to the intricacies and secrets of the quirk of One For All. With the manga diving even deeper into these powers, it's clear that Deku can still ascend past his mentor and his shadow without necessarily losing him completely. All Might has long been hinted at falling in battle, with the likes of Sir Nighteye warning him that he only has a limited amount of time before meeting his end. However, the future can change and we're sure that All Might will continue his role as a tutor to Deku long into the series.


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