My Hero Academia Fan Races Hearts with Femme Iida Cosplay

My Hero Academia fans have to love Iida... even if they do not want to admit it. At the start of the series, many were wary of the boy given his attitude towards Izuku, but it did not take long before his Best Boy persona showed itself. Nowadays, it is easy to find fans who stan the fast hero, and one of them took their love to the next level with a femme cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user oneeoddhuman shared their take on Tenya Iida in a special cosplay. The post has got praise from all over as it imagines what would have happened if Ingenium's name were to be taken in by a fierce heroine.

As you can see below, the femme cosplay is simple and spot-on to what My Hero Academia fans will recognize from the anime. Not only does this look include a custom-made helmet ripped right. From the series but Ingenium has some sweet armor on too. The only differences in this look come with the hair as Iida is rocking long locks as opposed to his traditional short look.

Taking to social media, the cosplay thanked their photographer for getting such good images of her in costume. "Parker Photography was true MVP to take some awesome shots of my Iida. I love his work so much already so I was really excited when he agreed to work with me! So look forward to some fast boi content."


If you want to make your own Iida look, this My Hero Academia cosplay proves you can do whatever you want with Iida so long as you're true to his spirit. So if anyone were to ask this fan to act as Class President, well - oneoddhuman better say yes if they want to do Iida proud!

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