'My Hero Academia' Drops New Details About Its Godzilla Hero

Over the years, kaiju fans have seen several sides of Godzilla. The creature has gone from being a [...]

Over the years, kaiju fans have seen several sides of Godzilla. The creature has gone from being a villain to an anti-hero to even a fully fledged hero in his various films. And, thanks to My Hero Academia, the behemoth is about to become a superhero.

So, if you want to know more about Godzillo, then it is time you checked in on the fan-favorite anime.

Over in Japan, the first film for My Hero Academia went live, and it's gotten outstanding reviews thus far. With its international debut down the pipe, fans are getting a look at its clever Godzilla reference, and fans are loving how Godzillo looks.

Thanks to Aitaikimochii, fans were shown a special bio for Godzillo that was published in a recent My Hero Academia movie one-shot. The breakdown, which can be seen above, highlights Godzillo's original design while dropping new details about his past.

"He's a Pro-Hero that's currently based in America. He's originally from Japan, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he decided to move his activity abroad," the translator explains.

As for his quirk, it seems Godzillo has something he calls Toho. For fans of the iconic creature, they will easily recognize that name as it has everything to do with the team that created Godzilla decades ago.

"His voice is from the new Godzilla series," the page reads before adding: "The Godzilla series is owned by Toho Productions, so his Quirk is a reference to the license holder."

At a staggering 13+ feet, Godzillo is the miniature version of Godzilla fans will love, and this guy is far more likely to save your car than crush it. The Pro Hero might pale in comparison to the towering height of his predecessor, but there are some things a 164 ft. kaiju cannot do. Now, let's all cross our fingers Godzillo and Godzilla never need to duke it out...

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