My Hero Academia Cosplay Enters The World of X-Men With Jubilee Fusion

My Hero Academia's hot headed hero Bakugo may have a personality that matches arguably the biggest X-Men member in Wolverine, but his Quirk brings him closer in line with the firework shooting Jubilation Lee! The teenage mutant who was made popular thanks to the Marvel comics and the animated X-Men television series has the ability to disperse energy from her fingertips that looks extremely close to the likes of "fireworks" and while her character has gone through some insane changes throughout her history, she keeps her sunny disposition throughout it all!

Expanding on Jubilee's history, things have changed a lot since her original appearance in the pages of Marvel's Comics, with the former teenager now being a mother! With a baby in tow, and struggling following a nasty bout of vampirism, Jubilee is currently a part of the X-Men's new nation from writer Jonathan Hickman. The current arc of the X-Men has been a well received one as the mutants have decided to create their own world by using the larger than life creature named Krakoa to help them navigate this new path for their race.

Instagram Cosplayer Nocturnal Virus shared this amazing fusion that combines the energy manipulating heroes of Bakugo from My Hero Academia and Marvel's Jubilee in an outfit that takes into account both of their aesthetics into a stunning display:

This season of My Hero Academia didn't have Bakugo be a part of the assault against Overhaul, but it has had him rocking out on the drums in the current Cultural Festival Arc!


What do you think of this fusion of Bakugo and Jubilee? What other My Hero Academia and X-Men characters should be smashed together? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!