My Hero Academia Shares Adorable Deku, Kota Reunion

My Hero Academia has pit Izuku Midoriya through tons of harsh situations as of the fourth season of the series, so it could feel like it was a long time ago when Deku fought off the villain Muscular with everything he had in order to protect Kota. It was Deku's first real heroic save in the series to that point as it was the first time he was truly fighting with someone else's life on the line other than he and his hero classmates. This clearly left an impression on the young Kota.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats made their return to the anime with the latest episode of the fourth season, and not only did Deku and the others get an update as to how this hero group has been doing after the Hideout Raid arc of the third season but there was also a surprising, and quite adorable reunion between Kota and his hero Deku.

Upon their big reunion, Kota's still trying to put up a tough front much like he did when we last saw him in the third season. He's embarrassed to be seeing Deku again, but once Deku runs up to him and thanks him for Kota's letter (which helped inspire Deku more than Kota will ever really know) a little bit of blushing begins to break through.


Soon after Mandalay confirms that Kota is a really big fan of Deku, and even specifically asked for a pair of red shoes so that he could match his hero. He was embarrassed for this to get out too, but seeing Deku smiling at the fact that they match now brought down yet another one of the walls Kota continues to put around him. It's clear that Deku's rescue really changed Kota's life, and now who knows what's in Kota's future from here! It's certainly going to be good things if he keeps following in Deku's footsteps.

How did you feel seeing Kota in the anime again? Do you think Deku has inspired him and changed his perspective on the hero world for good? Do you think Kota now has a heroic future of his own in the cards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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