Hawks Swoops In For His Glorious My Hero Academia Debut

My Hero Academia has ended its light hearted Cultural Festival Arc and is entering into a new era for the top heroes of the franchise, with the anime giving us the big debut of the fan favorite hero, Hawks. With Hawks being ranked as the current number two hero, the young winged wonder isn't exactly what you'd expect to be one of the biggest heroes around considering his demeanor, but his Quirk and all around powers make for a hero that is one of the best in the biz. In this episode, Hawks doesn't just make his official anime series debut, but encounters a big new threat!

During the Hero Billboard Chart ceremony, Hawks is revealed as being the current number two hero, thanks in part to his stellar success at a young age but also because of how loved he is by the general public. With the citizens of the world rallying behind him, it's easy to see how he has become the runner up to the insanely powerful Endeavor. Hawks has had plenty of time to become a fan favorite thanks to the events that have taken place in the series' manga, but the anime has done a fantastic job of giving Hawks a lot of "meat to his bones" in his first appearance.

As his character is put on display during the ceremony, it's clear that he is the polar opposite to Endeavor, who barely says anything while on the stage. Behind the scenes, the number one and number two have a heart to heart that begins with a fiery showdown, but ends up having the two having a chat while walking down the street. It is here that we really get a sense of Hawks' powers and what he can do with his wings besides flying.


As Endeavor and Hawks walk toward a restaurant to chat, the winged hero reveals that he has the ability to detach and control each of his feathers, allowing them to do a series of tasks all at once. From saving a citizen from getting hit by a truck to helping an elderly woman with her bag, its clear that Hawks is the current king of multi-tasking. With the episode ending with a "High End" Nomu confronting the two heroes, it's clear that Hawks' introduction is a high energy one to be sure.

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