My Hero Academia Is Breaking Hearts with This Couple's Feud

My Hero Academia isn't too focused on love but that doesn't mean there are zero quarreling couples in the franchise. A handful of romances have been brought up in the series to date, but one has garnered plenty of support thanks to a little side story. After all, The Crawler and Pop Step became couple goals for many in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, but there is a new feud out here that's tearing up our hearts.

And by the looks of it, the ordeal is messing with Crawler too. The boy is used to having bad luck with the ladies, but his recent misstep with Pop Step led to an outcome which may not be fixable.

If you have read the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, you will know the situation really well. Pop Step was once Crawler's partner in vigilantism, but things changed after she was taken hostage and stung by a bee which has corrupted her. Now, Pop Step has gone full villain against her will, and it led the vigilante to stomp all over her friend.

"Too little, too late. Getting all desperate and clingy now? That's just kinda embarrassing," Pop Step tells The Crawler when he tries to stop her from attacking the city.

"You missed your clue, Prince Charming," her captor chimes in. "She's a queen now. Not your little princess."


The brutal words are enough to make any fan wince, but it gets worse. Just before Pop Step lands a final blow on The Crawler to win their short battle, she tells the boy that she hates him. This stuns him so badly he takes a long fall back to Earth after launching a mid-air attack, and the impact leaves him worse for wear. And all the while, Pop Step and her captor are able to escape and plan their next attack. And if Crawler is lucky, he will be ready to step up to his friend (and maybe more?) when the time comes.

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