My Hero Academia Explains Why Shigaraki Chose to Inherit All for One's Power

The Paranormal Liberation War hasn't just been one of the bloodiest battles in the history of My Hero Academia, but also one of the most emotional as Shigaraki lays on the line why he has taken the mantle of All For One. With the professional heroes having had to wrestle with thousands of villains, the larger than life antagonist known as Gigantomachia, and a cadre of High End Nomu, they seem to have finally gained the upper hand in the battle, but the leader of the League of Villains reminds them that the battle is far from over!

Warning! If you have yet to catch up with the latest installment of My Hero Academia, Chapter 281, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

Behind all the malice and malcontent, Shigaraki is a tragic character whose family was irrevocably damaged thanks to the super hero career of Nana Shimura, the mentor to All Might. Deciding that her family would be better without her presence, she stepped back from being involved with the family of Shigaraki, essentially abandoning her son to continue her profession as a crime fighter. This caused the son of Shimura to hold a deep resentment for super heroes in general, causing his family, Shigaraki included, to be broken apart as a result.

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In Shigaraki's early years, his powers activating horrifically killed his family and he was made an orphan that wandered the streets and was taken in by the nefarious All For One. Believing that his life would have been sent down a better path if Shimura had raised her son, Shigaraki explains that he has inherited All For One to tear down the world of heroes, a world where vigilantes forsake their own loved ones for the benefit of strangers.


Shigaraki, who the heroes thought defeated, was able to unleash his rage and in the process, take the life of Deku's mentor, Gran Torino. Killing the elderly hero, and seemingly stealing his Quirk, Shigaraki was assaulted on all sides by the heroes who are looking to put an end to the Paranormal Liberation War once and for all!

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