My Hero Academia Gets Even After Killing a Major Pro Hero

My Hero Academia's newest chapter made sure to even out the scales with the major death of a pro hero. As the current war between the heroes and villains continues with each new chapter of the series, one of the major questions that had been brewing was whether or not one of the big pro heroes would die in this battle following the death of the fan favorite villain Twice. Because up until this point, the war has not had significant damage to the heroes' side even with both Gigantomachia and the Plus Ultra Tomura Shigaraki running rampant.

But this all changed with the newest chapter of the series that saw a named pro hero (rather than the several non-named pros that have died in the arc thus far) taking a fatal wound at the hands of Shigaraki! As it turns out, Gran Torino was the unfortunate hero who did not make it to the end of the battle.

Chapter 281 of the series picks up with the fight between Endeavor and Shigaraki once more, and Shigaraki is nearing the end of his rope. He's still forcing his body to move, and Gran Torino rushes in to help Endeavor once he sees that the pro's flames are weakening. But as he rushes to Endeavor's side, he's unfortunately not fast enough to dodge all of Shigaraki's strikes as Shigaraki manages to get a hold on his foot.

My Hero Academia Death Spoilers Gran Torino Killed Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

It breaks apart in a bloody spray, and Shigaraki then goes on to pin Torino to the ground. As he looks into the mutated Shigaraki's fearsome visage, he starts to think back to when he witnessed Nana Shimura was giving away her son to keep him safe from villains. As he continues to wonder whether or not this was the right decision, Shigaraki plunges his hand into Torino's chest and a geyser of blood springs forth.

The chapter does not confirm whether or not Gran Torino has actually died, and as we have come to see from the series it's not official until it's explicitly laid out as such. There is a chance that he could have survived this attack, but it's probably very slim considering he would be right on the verge of death after an attack like this. But what do you think? Is Gran Torino dead for sure? Does his death balance the scales between the heroes and villains? Will he be the only pro hero to die? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!